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About Us

Premium VR Development

We have a passion to create innovative virtual experiences that make a positive difference in physical health, mental well-being, education, and research. FireflyVR is a development studio built by successful video game veterans. The FireflyVR team combines our extensive experience and science-focused development to build innovative new technologies with health and technology partners. We are honored to collaborate with some of the biggest innovators in the healthcare industry.

What We Do

Interactive Innovation

We identify innovative ways to apply virtual reality for impactful experiences. Our team develops for every stage of creation, from ideation to execution. We validate concepts through fast iterative prototyping bolstered by biometrics and collaboration with leading experts. Once a concept is proven out, we bring a user-friendly and accessible product to market. Let us be your development nerds and collaborate to create solutions that help make the world a better place!

Our Mission

Leverage our deep experience from work inside the health care system (using bio signals, game development skills, and scientific rigor) to address mental health issues and reach millions of suffering people.


Research Support

FireflyVR’s experience and internal toolset can help expedite research and validating scientific concepts. Our tools can help create a streamlined user experience that allows for controlled testing in a clinic or lab, collecting important performance and biometric data.


Support for Every Device

We develop to any platform best suited for a project in an ever-changing VR landscape. To further augment an experience, anything from mobile to wearables can be incorporated to create a more effective and holistic experience.


User Engagement

Our team of veteran game developers spans an enormous range of audiences, IPs, technologies, and genres. This vast collection of experience has given us an expertise in user engagement that can be applied to make unforgettable experiences.


Biosensors and Signals

FireflyVR can work with a wide variety of trackers, sensors, and input technologies to record important user behaviors and biosignals. Our ability to filter and record data along with a VR experience can help gain great insight in therapies and user behaviors.

Strength in Collaboration

Combining knowledge and strengths will result in impactful products and therapies.

Over a Century of Experience

Our team has over 100 combined years of software and game industry experience. Our credits include best-selling games from major studios, award-winning indie releases, widely-adopted physics engines, and fundamental engineering algorithms. We have experience with mobile, PC, VR, AR, mixed reality, machine learning, neural networks, and bio-sensors. We are equipped to achieve your goals.

Shel Mann

Chief Executive Officer

Entrepreneur and business leader • Manager for multiple best-selling video games, working with big names like Atari, THQ, and Universal • Stands to benefit if fishing gear were made tax-deductible

Nickolas Miller

Chief Technology Officer

Veteran programmer with fifteen years of industry experience • Major works including Guitar Hero, Medal of Honor, and Words with Friends • Noted Halloween enthusiast

Matthew Gravelle

Chief Experience Officer

Fifteen years of professional video game development and a life-long hobbyist • Producer and UI designer for world-renowned clients and critically-acclaimed mobile games • Bicycles uphill, in the snow, both ways

Andy Korth

Data and Machine Learning, Senior Engineer

Programmer and designer for over 15 years • Has worked on dozens of titles across multiple platforms • Developed a neural network to detect music notes • Puts smushed fruit in bottles and convinces other people to drink it

Scott Lembcke

Biosignals and Processing, Senior Engineer

Graphics and simulation programmer with over 15 years of experience • Author of physics engines and tunneling algorithms • Owns a fully-functioning replica of a cartoon seaplane

Alexander Cooney

Art and Design Lead

Artist and former Art Director • Supervised and worked directly on dozens of learning games and simulations, and helped pioneer the use of VR in STEM training and humanities education • Once taught a frog to eat potions

Walter Greenleaf Ph.D

Chair of Scientific Advisory Board

Research neuroscientist and medical product developer working at Stanford University • Known internationally as an early pioneer in digital medicine and the field of medical virtual reality • Was into VR before it was cool

Beth Rogozinski

Strategic Advisor, Digital Therapeutics

Serial entrepreneur, technology professional, and business strategist • Produced and published more than a dozen products for health and wellness with two FDA approvals • Currently the CEO of Oncoustics while advising start-ups and accelerators •. Hiking in the mountains brings her to her happy place

Peter Aslanidis

Sound and Music Engineer

Musician by trade for more than 25 years • Appears on 100s of pop recordings in Europe and Russia as a session musician • Created original music/audio for film, advertisements, exhibits, television shows and video games internationally • Likes finding new homes for lost octopi in his homeland of Greece

In Development

Introducing The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a Virtual Reality experience built to prepare a patient for a transformational psychedelic treatment. It incorporates established techniques used by leading experts to provide a safe, engaging, and comfortable experience to prepare for meaningful psychedelic treatment.

Psychedelics as medicine for mental health is a fascinating and quickly emerging field of healthcare.  We’re working hard with our team of experts to build and scientifically validate The Sanctuary as psychedelic treatments become readily available. This is just one example of a unique type of product FireflyVR excels in pursuing.

Meet the Experts

A wellness product can only be as good as the science and knowledge that shapes it. As psychedelics  are gaining more momentum in the field of mental health therapies, FireflyVR has expanded the team to include two stand-out experts in the field: Janine Sagert and Glenn Hartelius. Both bring their own unique approach and experience to shape a product that has potential to help heal millions.

Janine Sagert, PhD

Patient Experience Consultant

Psychologist, anthropologist, stress management expert, executive coach, filmmaker, meditator, lover of wisdom teachers • Will tell anyone who will listen that psychedelics experienced in early adulthood shaped her academic, professional, and personal life in very positive ways.

Glenn Hartelius, PhD

Science and Learning Consultant

Psychology researcher, scientific journal editor, professor, ersatz handyman • Founding chair of a doctoral program in integral and transpersonal psychology • For no good reason knows entirely too much about ancient clay oil lamps from the Eastern Mediterranean

Project Objectives

Increase Accessibility of Psychedelic Therapies

Improve Efficacy of Treatments

Inspire a Proper Mindset

Provide a Safe and Comfortable Setting

Let’s Change the World

VR has endless possibilities. The convergence of science, games, and virtual reality has the power to enhance health outcomes and improve lives. Let’s work together, combine our expertise, and make the world a better place.

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